Perfo system is a building kit for developing your imagination, made with love for a handicraft, originates from a Czech toycraft tradition and is manually made of Czech beechwood.

Perfo system: Wooden building kit

Under carver’s hands wood is changing into wonderful components which inspires to play children and adults. The building kit is eco-friendly and safe, is offered in four variations, which can be built by many ways and may be combined between each other as well. Each product of the building kit Perfo system is a numbered original. It’s a personalized custom production traditionally crafted by Czech wood. You‘re welcome to visit our workshop!


Components are made solely from beechwood, the material traditionally used for a famous bentwood furniture. Toys are not inked nor colored, there are not any other materials or ingredients: therefore is necessary to protect parts from moisture.


The building kit come in four variations: Airplane, Crane, Truck and Robot. Models can be built in many ways and can be combined between each other. Each product of Perfo system is a numbered original containing 190 - 210 components (depending on a model), it is packed in a manually made beechwood box, marked with a logo, name of the model and a serial number of the building kit.



measures/ lenght 72 cm/ high 33 cm/ width 88 cm

measures/ lenght 59 cm/ high 92 cm/ width 27 cm



measures/ lenght 71 cm/ high 34 cm/ width 29 cm

measures/ depth 25 cm/ high 64 cm/ width 36 cm

Come and play, dad!

When you remember your childhood and want to give your child a gift that will last and create many long-lasting memories, choose Perfo system, a building set which is not just an ordinary "toy". Perfo system is a unique, hand made building set with a soul, helping to support and develop the fantasies of both you and your children.

Perfo system is a fantasy-developing building set which is being constantly improved and expanded on in a carpenter's workshop by us, two neighbours and friend who were brought together by chance and the wish to protect the honest carpenter craft in the modern age.

Jan Urban

Jiří Nachlinger

Jan Urban is a carpenter in body and soul, furniture restorer with a licence, the father of Matěj, Johanka, Vendelín and Anouk. A lover of nature and natural material, he is a rescuer of old houses and items.

Jiří Nachlinger continues the tradition of his father, grandfather and great grandfather, carvers from the Bohemian Forest region of Czechia. He is an artist, graphic designer, fisherman and the father of a daughter, Anežka. He comes from a family of two other siblings who design furniture, toys and make illustrations.

We want our building set to be fun both for children and parents, to develop our fantasies and so that the models from the set can be more than just a toy but also beautiful decorations for our homes.

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
— G. B. Shaw —

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