Perfo System Wooden Model Assembly Kit

In a cabinet maker's workshop beechwood is transformed in beautiful components that beg both children and adults to play. The kit is environmentally friendly, safe and is available in several varieties. There are more ways to assemble a kit and they can also be combined together. Each Perfo System item is a numbered original as it is custom-made to order using Czech wood and respecting traditional wood shaping techniques.  We invite customers to our workshop to share in the unique manufacturing experience.

The Wood

Each component is made from untreated beechwood (traditionally used for the manufacture of world-famous bent-wood furniture). They are therefore unvarnished and colour-free, nor are any other additives used during their manufacture. The kit is for indoor use only and should not be kept in a damp place or rinsed with water as it may lead to defects for which the producer accepts no liability.


There are four assembly models - Airplane, Crane, Truck and Robot. The models can be assembled in more than one way and can be mutually combined. Each Perfo System item is a numbered original in a hand-made beechwood box containing 190-210 (according to type of model) components. Each box carries the official logo, model type and its sequence number.


Dimensions: length 72 cm / height 33 cm / width 88 cm


Dimensions: length  59 cm / height 92 cm / width 27 cm


Dimensions: length 71 cm / height 34 cm / width 29 cm


Dimensions: depth 25 cm / height 64 cm / width 36 cm

The price of the kit includes free shipping in the Czech Republic. With prior agreement, the products can also be picked up in person. Shipping outside of the Czech Republic is subject to conditions of GLS parcel service.

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