Come and play, Dad!

If you want to make your kids happy, you may remember what made you happy back in your childhood. To give them something that lasts, whether actually or in their memories, go for our Perfo System model kits. It is so much more than an ordinary toy. The Perfo System is a unique, hand-made assembly kit with a soul. It will develop your kids' creativity and ingenuity.

Perfo System is also an assembly kit that enhances the much-neglected manual dexterity. In our carpenter's workshop we keep going back and re-inventing it again and again, partly because we -the two neighbors and friends united partly by a coincidence and partly by our belief it can help to preserve our craft and keep it alive.

To touch, observe and smell natural wood - all that supports a child's psychological development in an era when what they mostly touch are smartphone screens. Its beneficial therapeutical qualities, however, are hardly limited to children.

Jiří Nachlinger

follows in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He is an artist, graphic designer, fisherman and father of Anežka. He has two other siblings who work as furniture and toy designers and illustrators.

Jan Urban

is, like his grandfather, a cabinet-maker, joiner and carpenter in body and soul, and a certified furniture restorer. He is father of Matěj, Johanka, Vendelín and Anouk. A nature enthusiast, he loves all natural materials, old houses and all things ancient and unique. 

We hope that our assembly kits are fun for both kids and adults. Ideally, they enrich our creativity but they can equally well represent a beautiful artefact inside our homes.

We don't stop playing because we grow old we grow old because we stop playing.
— G. B. Shaw —

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